Christina Braver: Hearts, Smarts & Other Sexy Parts
Perry Harbor Series Books
Farm, Temptation, Healing

She can’t have a forever love. So, great sex it is. For him, it’s so much more.

Emily Rutherford has it all in her new home, except for a family of her own. So, she’ll exchange love for great sex as soon as she finds the perfect tutor. Her expertise needs work. Unfortunately, the rugged tulip farmer with ice blue eyes and killer dimples isn’t applying for the job.

Finn Bakker is done having one-night stands with tech-wealthy tourists on this picturesque island north of Seattle. Unfortunately, he literally runs into the perfect one with the most kissable two lips after he makes the vow. Friends it is, even if it kills him.

With their shared passion for mountain biking, Finn agrees to help with her riding skills, but Emily wants his help with, ahem, other skills too.

Training for an upcoming race, their attraction mounts to a cliff’s edge where they can either stay the course or take the jump. If Emily jumps, it can’t be forever because she won’t take away his chance for the future he imagines. If Finn jumps, it better be forever because his battered heart won’t recover.

Author’s Note: A friends-to-lovers, he falls first, mountain biker romance containing a sweet and determined heroine, a swoony hero who likes pillow talk, and 4+ sexy scenes with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed Happily Ever After. It’s about family, responsibilities, and being true to the one thing that makes us whole, love.

Your sweetness
Food, Allure, Heart
Female hands holding dough in heart shape

She’s no Cinderella. He’s charming but no prince. Sometimes fairytales come true, even impossible ones.

Jo Patree has one dream, a successful personal chef business in the most beautiful place she’s ever been. But dreams take money. She’s seen the cocky tech-bro jerk before with his killer dimples and bedroom eyes. She doesn’t have to take him on as a client. She decides who. Except, he has money. A lot of it. And he’s willing to pay.

Lucas Bakker is on sabbatical from his flashy tech job. It wasn’t his idea, and he just hopes his career will survive. Home temporarily, he’ll help his brother manage the family farm, and as luck would have it, enjoy some incredible meals prepared by the sassy chef who used to make his favorite sweets back in Seattle.

Reluctant, Jo shows up in his kitchen staunchly professional, but Lucas doesn’t miss the springy dark curls just waiting for his fingers, or the drive and intelligence behind her sparkling brown eyes. He’s drawn to her curves like no other, but Jo won’t endanger her heart. Until a snowstorm traps them together for a night, and the impossible threatens to become imaginable.

It can’t work. No one gets a fairytale ending. Life doesn’t work that way… does it?

Author’s Note: An enemies-to-lovers, fresh start, millionaire romance containing excellent food, a take-no-prisoners heroine, a hot playboy whose met his match, and 5+ sexy scenes with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed Happily Ever After. It’s about coming home, finding love where you least expect it, and finding out you’re worth it.

your heart
Beauty, Remodel, Love
Camano Island State Park is a publicly owned park in Camano Island

She was beautiful. He was a beast. Looks aren’t everything.

Drew McAlister saw her instead of just her perfect face… she thought. Her first love, her only love, was all a lie. It was devastating.

Tess Bakker didn’t care about his damaged face. She gave her beautiful heart to him, and in a flash of young stupidity, he hurt her. He didn’t expect forgiveness.

Years later, they inherit the resort they both love, and suddenly have to live there for a year to protect it from those threatening to destroy it. Tess believes it’s her future, and Drew wants to help. But being here again and not holding her could kill him. Surrounded by the endless beauty of nature, they finally confront the pain of their past. After all, it’s where they met.

As a fragile truce stretches, Tess sees the differences between the boy and the man. His help and smile still tempt her heart, but new lean muscles tempt her touch. It’s a big risk. When more threats come from all sides, Drew is determined to protect her and their little paradise this time. But will it be enough to prove he’s the man for her heart and has been all along?

Author’s Note: A second chance, forced proximity, hero with a beard romance containing memories of first love, a shy beauty turned fighter, a would-be hero who’d do anything for her, and 5+ sexy scenes with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed Happily Ever After. It’s about the definition of beauty, the power of purpose, and the timelessness of real love.

Strength, Perfection, Journey
bartender pouring a drink

Sex is evil. Sex is a gift. A beautiful, wonderful, complicated, desperate gift.

Nicole Freeman is fine, or she will be once she buys a home where no one can ask her to leave. She’s almost there. The next box to check? A sexual relationship. She’s had sex. It got her thrown out of her parents’ house. What she’s missing is the relationship. But the hot guy at the kickboxing gym with the shoulders and the abs, he’s out of her league.

Rhys Gunnerson knows he shouldn’t look at the woman with the tight yoga pants and swaying satin ponytail exposing her delicate neck. She’s young, probably fragile, and he’s just over his divorce, mostly.

When Nicole accidentally kicks him in the… parts, he realizes maybe she’s not so fragile after all. Sparring at the gym turns to friendship and more, until slow burn bursts into flames. But something is wrong. Rhys wants to show her all the good sex can be, but the impact of being raised with sexual shame still fills Nicole’s head.

It’s her turn for happiness, and Rhys is here for it. Except he can’t fall in love. Nicole’s not ready and his heart won’t survive another one-sided romance. Problem is, it may be too late.

Author’s Note: A friends-to-lovers, survivor, protector hero romance containing a badass kickboxer heroine claiming her sexual pleasure, a seductive sailor who’s all in to help, and 5+ sexy scenes with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed Happily Ever After. It’s about not just surviving, but thriving, and the journey to acceptance, allowing the unstoppable power of love to heal.

your ONE
Passion, Fate, Belonging

She’s independent to a fault.
But he’s going to show her a love she can’t live without.

Angela Martin doesn’t need a man. She runs her mom’s horse barn on an idyllic coastal island and has plenty of lovers ready anytime she winks. Unfortunately, no one else makes her feel like Jax did on their one night together four years ago. Before he left.

Everyone needs Jaxon Evans: his family, his bandmates, and his fans. He can’t think about what he needs… or about the woman he wrapped up in his muscled drummer’s arms on the single best night of his life.

But then a chance encounter in a luxury hotel brings it all back for one unexpected weekend, and this time, it’s different.

It’s fate.

When Jax’s band takes an indefinite break, he volunteers to help out at Angela’s barn. Her protective walls are up higher than ever, but Jax can see what she hides from everyone, including herself.

With love on the line, how can he prove he’s her “one”?

Author’s Note: A surprising, second chance, he falls first, rockstar romance containing a heroine not afraid to speak her mind, a swoony hero not afraid to take charge in the bedroom, and 5+ spicy scenes with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

Snow, Unexpected, Change
Seattle Skyline at twilight with clear view to Mt. Rainier

A Perry Harbor holiday standalone.

Two overachievers. One night of incredible sex. Can they add up to forever?

Dr. Nora Reynolds saves lives. It’s what she does. It’s all that matters.
Walker Hewitt wins Formula One races. It’s what he does. It’s all that matters.

She’s on the verge of leaving the ER to do women’s health research despite her parents’ objections. He’s on the verge of leaving the fast and flashy career his billionaire family is so proud of. They both need a night to leave questions and decisions behind. A snowstorm trapping the two strangers in Seattle provides the perfect opportunity to be someone else for a while.

It’s one blissful night of consuming passion against the backdrop of magical holiday lights. Until someone wants another, and another.

Ignoring the dangers, Walker invites Nora to spend a few more days with him on his family’s snowy private island near the Canadian border. They’ll be alone. Nora can work on her research grant by day, and he can worship her body by night. It’s perfect. But a glimpse of life with Walker threatens Nora’s resolve. It was just supposed to be one night. Now he wants them all. She could never abandon her life’s work to follow her heart… could she?

Author’s Note: A forced proximity, secret identity, one night only, he falls first, billionaire romance containing a driven heroine and a racy hero, with 5+ sexy scenes and enough heat to melt the snow outside. With no cliffhangers and a guaranteed Happily Ever After, it’s about performance, family, and the lies we believe until love makes the truth impossible to ignore.

vegas baby
Secrets, Wealth, Family
Sports car driving at night through blurred lights

A Perry Harbor standalone novella.

A sexy weekend with my work nemesis is surprisingly easy. The feel of his hand on my little bump? That’s complicated.

Professor Hannah Byrne is in town to see a friend, a driver in the Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix. He has a right to know her secret, but she doesn’t need anything from him or her unexpected and annoying colleague with his athletic body, charm, and good looks. She and her family can handle everything.

Women of all ages are drawn to sexy Professor Grant Robolin, and it isn’t always a good thing. When two ladies, young enough to be his students, corner him after his talk on sports injuries at the convention of physical therapists, the beautiful statistics professor appears, and he claims her as his girlfriend. It’s Vegas. Dream big.

Hannah thinks Grant dislikes her, but the truth is far from it. When he buys her a drink to say thanks for saving him, her smile is too tempting, and Grant confesses he pushes her buttons just to see the light spark in her gorgeous blue eyes.

They’re both leaving the university soon. No chance of someone catching feelings. And they’re out of town. No harm in spending a little time together, naked. Except there’s one little, teeny-tiny complication…

Author’s Note: An enemies-to-lovers, billionaire hidden identity, secret baby love story containing a sexy math nerd heroine, a yummy professor hero, a bit of Formula One talk, and 4+ sexy scenes with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed Happily Ever After. It’s about finding what you’ve always wanted where you least expect it.

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